We are a creative agency. We give wings to your business through original design.

By helping start-ups to highlight in a crowded market, or revitalizing tired brands, we really enjoy converting the unique qualities of your business into a attractive visual story.

We are proud of our quality services which are tailored for every client. We monitor the process from the first brief all the way to delivery of the final product, where the client is involved in each step of the process.

We like to see the impact of good design and its power to change the public perception. Contact us and find out how good design can benefit your business.


What we do?

For your communication and business strategy, we offer a whole range of services and visual communications, whether you need a fancy visual identity or a crazy mascot.

We will create fresh creative concepts that reflect the value of your brand. We will design a great box for your product and improve sales results.

The luxury brand will look just as glamurous on the website and as it is in vivo. We`ll give you the wind at your back for building business from the ground up and for winning market.

5 points about us:
  • Design is everything and everything is design.
    That's our point of view, our passion and lifestyle.

  • Less is more
    „Make it simple, but significant“ Lukas Lukasiewicz, designer

  • We are agency on a creative drive
    Ideas are our fuel.

  • Average is a c.r.a.p.
    You need to be brave to be different.

  • We believe in good
    Good things happen to good people.

What does this strange name mean?

When you look through the eyes of a creative agency, you see product from different perspectives: customers and consumers perspective. When you have a good point of view, a good product can be designed.

D.Point is a wordplay. We see it from Different Point of View! We see things in a different way. Simply, D.Point.

We`ve tried so many times to think of some other name, simpler and more modern, perhaps something that could describe us better. But every time we concluded that we really like this weird name and we are proud of everything we've achieved with it.

We are D.Point.


Our first date

This is how we call our first meeting.

Our first date is totally stress free opportunity to get to know each other better. We will ask you a thousand questions about your business and goals, in order to find the best way to help you. Whether you're starting your business or looking for ways to energize your tired brand, we want to discover what are your goals.

Contact us and let's create together! No obligation. No charge.

Set up a date.

Our promises

We are committed to the mission of giving you a fresh, stylish and impressive identity for your business.
We strongly believe that great design, can speak volumes about who you are and what you represent, building trust, consumer's loyalty and improving market results.

_We will have a creative and "think out of the box" approach to all projects
_We will inspire you with new ideas, new formats and new materials
_We will be available for all your suggestions and questions
_We will act professional all the way
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T. 091 566 7772 / 099 638 2831
E. wearecreative@dpointis.com
W. DPointis.com
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